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Our mission

Here at Meesys we focus on connecting people for everyday business.

We create great products to solve common problems. We create new ways of doing things electronically, rather than old ways of doing things electronically. We create solutions for 'me the customer' and 'me the business'...always putting 'me' first. We firmly believe in data over documents, and SaaS fore everyday business. We believe that email is easy, but it is not the answer for a mobile workforce. With the rise of consumer services, there are better ways of capturing data and sharing.

We think we have just what you are looking for. Give us a try today.

The story

Way back in 1994 Nicole Bouchier was a teacher often frustrated by the non-teaching distractions of administration. Countless hours were wasted in the week as consent forms were distributed, collected, collated and sorted.

After 7 years of teaching Nicole left the classroom to pursue a career in IT within the health and then tertiary education sector, which evolved into a passion for electronic information management.

This passion lead to an understanding of progressive data capture services and platforms (namely SharePoint), and a sense of excitement around the power of structured data and data sharing; in contrast to traditional workflows with documents, email and the subsequent duplication of data and effort such processes commanded. Despite the new world and opportunities in structured data capture and management, the large government enterprise was not the place to be flirting with change on any great was bogged down by legacy systems (as with most large enterprises) which drained every resource leaving the IT department into an endless cycle of 'catch up'.

During this period of discovery and learning, Nicole was back in the classroom, but this time as a parent, former teacher and information management expert. After 7 years away from teaching she was astounded to see schools still using the same old traditional method for managing consent and school communications—paper! There was a shift to electronic transfer of documents via email and web publishing, but this was of little benefit in relation to data capture and streamlining processes. There was still the need to fill, print, sign and return forms.

She immediately went in search of a suitable platform to manage parental consent and other data capture processes. To her absolute amazement, there was little in the way of accessible management services anywhere on the web. Nor was there a system tailored to managing business communications which could be applied.

It was evident that the school needed a SaaS (software as a service) solution which would offer rapid web form development (the likes of SurveyMonkey and Google Docs), an eCommerce add on to facilitate the collection of payments and charges, combined with a service to support the sharing of forms to collect responses, payments and sign off from recipients (i.e. a personal Inbox).

For Nicole the logical solution was to take the same approach as all the social networking services. These services give users the ability to generate and share content, using an account based consumer software approach.Taking this same approach, Nicole could see that it was simply a case of developing a cloud service connecting businesses and customers for the purpose of accessing and sharing data.

As a crazed and frustrated mum, she took matters into her own hands, and chased funds, threw together a development team and built a digital platform that would allow schools and businesses to manage their communications efficiently and effectively from end to end. Out of this came Signmee™ (or, Sign me electronically).

Very early on it was realised that Signmee was only the very beginning, and that many other paper based business processes were in urgent need of an electronic make-over. Out of this came the broader vision of Mee® systems, and a single-sign-on architecture for a growing suite of productivity tools.

Design considerations

When designing the system, there were some key considerations:

  • Business (e.g. school) and customer (e.g. parent) must have equal access to a shared communication
  • Browser viewing rather than document viewing. Signmee moves away from the traditional focus on communications as “documents”. With Signmee there is no need for opening / printing / emailing / attaching and everything else associated with documents. Everything is there, in the browser window.
  • Work like a social networking platform where everyone has their own account, and sharing of content is done through account connections
  • Work like an email really should, allowing users to receive and action agreements from the account.
  • Ease of use for everyone!

But wait, there’s more…

Signmee is just the start of something bigger and better and evolving. Signmee is the first of many mee® systems to hit the web. All new mee systems will be accessed using the same login account. Mee systems will help you with all aspects of your daily and working lives, from accessing training material, to updating your personal details, so stay tuned.

We believe in paperless processes because...

Paper based processes result in an average of 19 photocopies of the same document

It costs $25,000 to fill a filing cabinet, $2,500 per year to manage and 5% of those documents will be completely lost in the filing process

A business will pay $250 labour cost to recreate lost documents

Our data capture services

Mee®sys delivers powerful new structured communications management services for business and customer/employee interactions. Mee systems use accounts and account connections to access and share data. These systems remove the need for transfering files and data using methods such as email, and tools such as word processors.

Mee accounts are free to set up, providing a basic level of functionality to receive and respond to communications. Credits must be purchased in order to carry out transactions (e.g. distribution in Signmee). Storage and future access is covered in the credit charges.

Below is a list of Meesys software currently on offer. With Meenext, you will get a taste of the exciting things to come. Stay tuned.


Signmee is like an email service, but better. It is designed for managing communications requiring a signature or a response or a payment. Unlike email, a Signmee sender can determine whether a Signmee communication has been opened by the receiver, and actioned by the receiver. Time and date stamps are used to track and manage interactions between parties, and alerts can be sent to remind receivers to carry out an action.

This service is highly suited to schools and clubs given the volume of agreements shared between school/club and parent. Existing solutions (e.g. paper permission forms, publishing forms to the website, intranets…etc) have large overheads and lack efficiency.


A new facility within Signmee to allow businesses to send a schedule picker to customers. This facility is perfect for schools parent teacher interviews,


At Meesys we strive to create software that is:

  1. truly useful
  2. innovative
  3. process changing
  4. simple

To ensure that Meesys software is truly useful, we engage users and seek feedback using Helpmee. Users can 'ask a question', 'report a problem' or 'share an idea' using Helpmee.

To support users with the innovative components and features of our software, we use Helpmee Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base contains support information for general account holders, as well as full documentation to support business account holders, particularly account administrators.

To support users with process change, we encourage users to participate in the Helpmee community by sharing ideas, and exploring what others have done.

To ensure that Meesys software is simple to use, we monitor questions and problems posted to Helmpmee.


The pipeline is exciting and lengthy.

Stream 1: Enhanced features such as signature witness facility, multi-party signatures with workflow (ordered signing) and various other features will be added in further releases.

Stream 2: Templates for business will be added to the template library.

Stream 3: Enterprise Signmee (with Azure AD authentication) will be released in 2015 as a SaaS solution for internal communications management (Intranet replacement). Details to come soon.

Stream 4,5,6: Schedulemeee, Bookmee (Mee® booking system with seating, calendar and shedule facility), Teachmee (Mee® Learning Management System) and Managemee (Mee® Human Resources Management System) will be added from 2016, expanding the Meesys capabilities. All systems will be accessed via single-sign-on with dashboard facility for aggregated summary view.

What Signmee users have to say...

Meet the ManagementTeam

Nicole bouchier

Founder and Managing Director

Nicole's experience across education, technology and information management were the catalyst for driving the Signmee development; a solution for today's businesses and their customers.

John Vesey

Chief Technical Officer

With over 20 years experience as an engineer and systems architect in global banking and corporate sector, John has brought to Signmee the expertise to deliver bank quality architecture.

Virginia Francis


A former school principal, educator, author and thought leader in education reform, Virginia brings an understanding of customer needs.



Media Release

Last Reviewed: 25/08/2014

Less than a year after its launch, Melbourne based technology start-up Signmee will be up against some of the nation’s top tech enterprises this week as it vies for top honours in two categories at the prestigious iAwards.

2014 VIC iAwards Winners and Merit Recipients

iAwards 2014 Winners VIC

Last Reviewed: 04/06/2014

2014 Winners VIC The iAwards honours the best and most innovative solutions and inspirational companies and individuals in the ICT Industry. Congratulations to the 2014 state winners and merit recipients of the iAwards

Commercialisation Australia Grant

Signmee Agreement and Notification Management System

Last Reviewed: 25/02/2013

FlowFX [trading as Meesys] has developed Signmee Agreement and Notification Management System for the education, business and private sector. This system will significantly streamline agreement management by addressing the full agreement lifecycle in one dedicated account based web system. Commercialisation Australia support will be used to help FlowFX commercialise this system and achieve market entry, customer satisfaction and significant productivity gains across the Australian education sector.

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